Angel Ministry Bible Quiz

Check your knowledge about the work of angels

  1. WHAT beings are around the throne of God? Rev. 5:11 Heb. 12:22.

  2. Are these angels beings with organized bodies? Isa. 6:1, 2; Ezek. 1:22, 24; Ex. 25:20. (See also Genesis 19:1-3; Psalm 78:25.)

  3. Are angels and mankind of the same nature? Heb. 2:6, 7.

  4. How did the angels come into existence? Compare Ezek. 28:15 with Col. 1:16.

  5. Do angels marry and beget children? Mark 12:25.

  6. What is the business of the angels? Psa. 103:20. Note 1.

  7. How swiftly do they go to carry out His commands? Ezek. 1:14.

  8. What are they sent from heaven to do? Heb. 1:14; Matt. 18:10. Note 2.

  9. Name some Bible incidents of their ministry:
    Saving Lot by leading him out of Sodom (Gen. 19:15-17); helping Hagar (Gen. 16:7-9; 21:17); serving Elijah when he was discouraged (1 Kings 19:1-8); protecting Daniel from fierce beasts (Dan. 6:22); answering Daniel's prayer (Dan. 9:21-25); visiting the shepherds (Luke 2:9, 13); ministering to the weakened Jesus (Matt. 4:11); strengthening Jesus (Luke 22:43); delivering Peter out of prison (Acts 12:5-10); directing Philip (Acts 8:26).

  10. Is it to special ones that angels come? Psa. 34:7. Note 3.

  11. Should angels be worshipped? Rev. 19:10; Col. 2:18.

  12. Whom do all good angels worship? Heb. 1:6.

  13. When Jesus comes, why will all the angels come with Him from heaven? Compare Matt. 24:31 with 1 Thess. 4:16, 17.

Note 1. - "When man fell by evil angels, with beautiful propriety it was ordered that other angels, holy and unfallen, should minister for God in His reparation of the evil caused to man by their fallen fellow-spirits." - Fundamentals of Bible Doctrine.

Note 2. - "Heaven is brought near to earth by that mystic ladder, the base of which is firmly planted on the earth, while the topmost round reaches the throne of the Infinite. Angels are constantly ascending and descending this ladder of shining brightness, bearing the prayers of the needy and distressed to the Father above, and bringing blessing and hope, courage and help, to the children of men. . . . Again and again have angels talked with men, as a man speaketh with a friend, and led them to placed of security. Again and again have the encouraging words of angels renewed the drooping spirits of the faithful, and carrying their minds above the things of earth, caused them to behold by faith the white robes, the crowns, the psalm branches of victory, which overcomers will receive when they surround the great white throne." - Fausset's "Bible Cyclopaedia." article, "Angels."

Note 3. - "Every redeemed one will understand the ministry of angels in his own life. The angel who was his guardian from his earliest moment; the angel who watched his steps and covered his head in the day of peril; the angel who was with him in the valley of the shadow of death, who marked his resting place, who was the first to greet him in the resurrection morning - what will it be to hold converse with him, and to learn the history of divine interposition in the individual life, of heaven co-operation in every work for humanity! All the perplexities of life's experiences will then be made plain. Where to us have appeared only confusion and disappointment, broken purposes and thwarted plans, will be seen a grand, overruling, victorious purpose, a divine harmony." E. G. White in "Education."

Note: This quiz is based on "Fundamentals of the Seventh-day Adventist Faith", 1941, British Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Watford, Bible Study No. 18, "Angel Ministry".

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