Advent Truth Constitution

8th March 2013

Article 1 – Name

The name of this organisation shall be known as Advent Truth.

Article 2 – Territory

The territory of Advent Truth is primarily the British Isles but also the whole world.

Article 3 – Purpose

  1. The purpose of Advent Truth is to proclaim the Three Angels’ Message as defined in Revelation 14:6-12, in harmony with the 28 Fundamental Beliefs and Church Manual of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
  2. Advent Truth shall operate as a Social Enterprise (not-for-profit organisation). All surplus funds shall be reinvested in the ministry.
  3. To fulfil its purpose, Advent Truth shall have the following powers:
    1. To sell religious and health literature and children’s bible stories door to door, by phone, or the internet.
    2. To maintain a website and use the internet as a means of furthering the purpose.
    3. To provide a living wage for workers or employees in line with denominational expectations.
    4. To distribute religious and health literature and information about this ministry.
    5. To raise money through the sale of literature or health foods, ordinary employment or work and to accept donations.
    6. To write books promoting the beliefs of the church.
    7. To support other Seventh-day Adventist ministries and entities.

Article 4 – Membership

  1. Membership is currently limited to the President who must be and remain a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in good and regular standing.
  2. Provision is made for further members to be added by the President at a later date. In that instance the following provisions would apply:
    1. Membership would be limited to members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in good and regular standing.
    2. Elections would take place every two years to appoint an Executive Committee which would include a President, Secretary and Treasurer.
    3. The Secretary and Treasurer could be one individual.
    4. The Executive Committee would deal with membership requests and have the power to remove members. An appeal from removal of membership or refusal of membership could be made to the members to be decided within 30 days at a duly called meeting.

Article 5 – Amendments

This constitution can be amended by the President, or if the provision of Article 4 (b) is in place by a 2/3rds majority vote of the members.

Article 6 – Meetings

If the provision of Article 4 (b) has been put in place then an Annual General Meeting of all members shall be held. Ordinary motions would then be decided by a majority vote.

Article 7 – Dissolution

  1. Advent Truth may be dissolved by the President, or if provision 4 (b) is in place by a 3/4ths majority vote of the members.
  2. Any surplus assets or monies would be given to another not for profit Seventh-day Adventist entity or ministry.