The Millennium Bible Quiz

Check your knowledge about the Millennium

  1. WHAT great event will take place at the second coming of Christ? 1 Thess. 4:15-17; 1 Cor. 15:51-55.

  2. Where will the redeemed ones go with Jesus? John 14:1-3; 17:24; Rev. 7:9, 14, 15.

  3. How long will they remain in heaven? Rev. 20:6.

  4. What will they do while there? Rev. 20:4.

  5. Whose cases will they judge? 1 Cor. 6:2, 3.

  6. Where will all the wicked be during the thousand years?2 Thess. 1:7-9; 2:8; Rev. 20:5.

  7. What will be the earth's condition? Rev. 6:14-17; Isa. 24:1, 3, 19, 20; Jer. 4:23-26. Note 1.

  8. Where will Satan be during this same period? Rev. 20:1-3. Note 2.

  9. When will he be loosed for a little season? Rev. 20:2, 3.

  10. What event "looses" him? Rev. 20:5, 7; John 5:28, 29.

  11. What will he immediately do? Rev. 20:8.

  12. Against whom will they make war? Rev. 20:9, first part.

  13. How will the saints and the New Jerusalem reach the earth? Rev. 21:10.

  14. What place is prepared for the city? Zech. 14:3-5.

  15. What follows Satan's warfare against the saints and the city? Rev. 20:9, last part.

  16. What is the grand climax of God's Gospel plan? 2 Peter 3:9-13; Rev. 21:1-7.

Note 1. - "The removal of his power to 'deceive the nations' is the thing that constitutes the binding of Satan. It is a representation in symbols, but Satan is truly bound. There is not a human soul on whom he can bring to bear his arts of deception. He is bound to this prison house of a wrecked and desolate world, ruined by sin. The phrase 'bottomless pit' means a waste or void, an abyss. And that is what this world is for a thousand years." - W. A. Spicer in "Beacon Lights."

Note 2. - "When all the sins of all of God's people shall have been blotted out through the precious blood of the Lord Himself, a Lamb without spot, then Azazel, the antitypical scapegoat, Satan, will be brought to the heavenly High Priest, who will lay the sins of the redeemed upon his head; then he will be shut up for a thousand years in the wilderness of this earth, which becomes desolated at the personal advent of Christ." - F. C. Gilbert in "Practical Lessons."

Note: This quiz is based on "Fundamentals of the Seventh-day Adventist Faith", 1941, British Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Watford, Bible Study No. 12, "The Millennium".

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